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October Calendar

 Join us in Centennial Park as we resume our outdoor storytimes in the (hopefully) cooler weather! We'll be in the amphitheater at 9:30am on Mondays for Rattle & Rhyme (0-18 months), Tuesdays for Toddler Time (0-3 years), and Wednesdays for Preschool Storytime (3-6 years)!
Recent posts

Duct Tape Pencil Bag

 1. Gather supplies.  2. Unwrap one length of duct tape and carefully set plastic bag on top. Go slowly so there are no air bubbles in the duct tape! 3. Unwrap other color of duct tape and tape the opposite side of the bag. 4. Trim extra duct tape off. 5. Continue adding duct tape (You can do all one color on each side or alternate like I did. Trim sides so everything is even.  6. Optional, if you want to store your pencil bag in your binder, mark where the rings are located. 6. Use a hole punch to make holes. 7. Decorate with stickers or permanent markers!

Rainbow and Cloud

 Use white paint to paint your cloud. Use yellow paint to paint your sun. Arrange your yarn in rainbow order (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple) if you want. When dry, use glue to attach the sun so it's peeking over the top of the cloud (try to line up the hole in the sun to one of the holes in the cloud. Let dry. Fold yarn in half and poke loop through bottom holes of cloud.     Push loose ends of the yarn through the loop and pull tight. Continue until you've used all the yarn you want to use.                                                        Use a longer piece of string to make a hanging string from the top of the cloud.  *Optional* Draw a smile on your cloud and sun!

Origami Rocket Instructions!

 Whether you picked up a craft kit from the library, or use your own supplies from home, this rocket is easier than it looks! 1.    2.  3.     4.   5.    6.   7.      8.   9.   10.  11.  12.   13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Use your straw to propel the rocket into the air? How high can you get it to fly? What can you change to make it fly higher?                                    

Origami Racer/Cicada 8 and up craft!

If you'd like to craft along with Ms. Sti on Zoom at 1:30 today (June 23), click this link!  Otherwise, you can follow these instructional pictures below! (Make sure you don't glue the yarn!) Loop the yarn around something solid and tug at the loose ends of the yarn to watch your origami climb!  

Learn Magic with Julian Franklin!

Have you ever wanted to know the secrets behind different magic tricks you've seen performers use? Have you ever wanted to impress and mystify your friends and family with magic and illusions? Now you can learn with this Magic Workshop with Julian Franklin!  Using items from around your house you can learn fabulous tricks that will blow people's minds! This video will be available all summer on our YouTube page, so you can continue to practice and perfect your tricks!

Summer 2021 Recommendations for Your High School Reader!

  Summer is fast approaching and if you have a high school reader, you might be looking for new titles to engage them this summer. Librarian, historian, and author Alexandria Brown has allowed us to share their recommended lists to help make that easier! Per their blog*: As a high school librarian, offering reading recommendations for students is one of my favorite parts of my job. These lists are for parents, library workers, and teen readers... I created these lists through an alchemy involving age of the protagonists, themes, genre, tone, complexity, reader skill/comfortability level, events and topics a student will likely encounter in their studies during the school year, and books they are unlikely to read for school. I also tried to pick materials that published in the last few years or will be published by June 2021. Preference to #ownvoices and marginalized authors. Below you'll find links to their lists broken up by grade level. Whether you know an avid reader who always